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John has totally had it with his wife’s younger brother, an irritating young brat named Brad. There is one trusted way to tame him, and John doesn’t hesitate to use it. Taming makes crude and violent scene, though. Actually, this is an excerpt of a novel named Pain In My Ass.

He was a strong, fit man in the prime of his life who had a weird dream: he wanted to submit to someone who had true grit, who could keep a man like him at bay, a task not easy for anyone. At last he found someone from the other side of world, an over-dominant, cruel and sadistic woman who had long been dreaming about having a strong, ease-at-himself man for her slave. A rough and cruel but heartfelt story about violence, submission, and dreams that got their fulfillments in extraordinary ways.

Joney feels himself abandoned in many ways. In his new job he one day meets a man who, perhaps, would change the course of his life. Jake, however, has known of his heavy hands. His boyfriend is definitely not allowed letting loose. Does Joney dare to trust him?

Lyrics I’ve been writing through my life, at the most touching moments, when my heart’s been full of joy or – sometimes – sorrow. And I dedicate these songs to all of my queer, weird, kinky, creative friends. Living means more than just to be alive. These songs are not all very gay or joyous – some of them are actually sad and full of sorrow and regret. Life is such a bitch sometimes. If you want to live it to the farthest end as throughly as you ever can, you must shed your share tears of pain as well as happiness. These songs come from real life, from real experiences. It is good to live on Earth, at this point of time and space.

An old and shabby cargo cruiser named Shannon zigzags her endless journey through a galaxy, not exactly like ours. Young “garbage guy” Blaze loves to fly, no matter how tedious and dirty are his daily chores. Shannon’s First Mate, strict but fair Breit, recognized him as his mate when he saw Blaze the very first time. But Blaze doesn’t swing that way. Their relationship goes on slowly, awkwardly, painfully, but to what end, no one can tell.